Test Fuji 27mm F2.8 - klein, aber fein? - Copyright 2018 Faber.photography

Das Fujinon 27mm 2.8 ist das kleinste Objektiv für das Fuji X-System. Ideal, um es stets dabei zu haben. Der Test zeigt, ob es auch mit den anderen Fuji-Linsen mithalten kann. ...


Water drops in the Mist - Minolta 1.7 55 and Fuji X-T2

You don't need good weather to get some nice shots done. Quite the opposite. When it is dull and dark, then there is no harsh light, no extreme contrast and strong colors who try to steal the show. Add some humidity and you will get a lot mist that gathers as water drops on leaves and blossoms. And thanks to the cold and the overall wetness these water drops just sit there begging to be shot. A great opportunity ...



Shooting Architecture with the Helios 44 Most photographers will use the Helios 44 2/58 for portraits and close-ups to make use of its famous swirly bokeh. Not me. It happened to be in my bag when I was exploring the area around Berlin's Bahnhof Zoo. Initially, I wanted to see what I can do with the Rokinon 12mm F2 but on a few occasions I pulled out the Helios to do some architecture photography. My Helios 44-2 ...


September 16, 2017

The Bauhaus Archive in Berlin

Bauhaus Archive

Berlin's Bauhaus-Archiv is a Museum presenting the impact of the Bauhaus, a college of architecture, design, and art originally situated in Dessau, south of Berlin. Its collection is the biggest in the world on the subject. Even though the Bauhaus only existed up to 1933, its ideas continue to be influential in a wide variety of ways up today. Furthermore, the museum designed by the first Director of the Bauhaus, ...